Haydock Park Golf Club


Membership is currently available for Gentlemen, Ladies and Juniors.

Our Colt category of membership is currently full. You can either join in the 5 day or 7 day membership categories, or we do now operate a waiting list you can join for £100. Once a slot becomes available again, you may join the club and pay the difference in cost of the relevant membership subscription.

Upon receipt of your completed application form you will be invited to meet a member of our Membership committee and/or our Business Manager for an informal chat. During COVID-19 we are requesting all new members to complete and attend an online webinar to comlete the induction process in as safe an environment as possible.

Subscription Fees 2021/22

Membership Type Cost

7 Day Member

5 Day Member



Ladies Lifestyle £875.00
Colt - Aged 35 £1015.00**
Colt - Aged 34 £935.00**
Colt - Aged 33 £880.00**
Colt - Aged 32 £810.00**
Colt - Aged 31 £740.00
Colt - Aged 30 £675.00
Colt - Aged 29 £595.00
Colt - Aged 28 £530.00
Colt - Aged 27 £460.00
Colt - Aged 26 £395.00
Colts (18 - 25 years) £330.00
Juniors (17 years) £165.00
Juniors (12 - 16 years)* £82.50
Juniors (4 - 11 years)* £40.00
Junior Academy* £20.00
Social Member £62.50 plus VAT (£75.00)

* If related to an existing Club member – and if not related to such a member then a parent / guardian must become a social member

**Joining Fees - One Off Cost

Membership Type 

Aged 36 + £500
Aged 35 £400
Aged 34 £300
Aged 33 £200
Aged 32 £100

Subscriptions for those 18 years+ will receive £50 on their members bar card

We offer staged payments via Fairway Credit. Alternatively, we are happy to accept full payment on joining. Junior and Colt categories are similarly graduated with reference to the 7 day subscription level.

For details of 7 day, 5 day, Junior and Social Memberships please contact the Office where one of our friendly team will be glad to inform you of all the information you need.

Haydock Park Golf Club is registered under the CASC scheme.

The Club is open to all of the community including those on modest or low incomes. Any member or prospective member whose financial circumstances do not allow them to pay an annual membership subscription and associated costs of more than £520.00 is invited to apply to the Business Manager and demonstrate that any sum above this figure is not affordable to them. An application will then be considered by the Management Committee and if accepted an alternative fee structure will be offered to the applicant.

Please contact the Business Manager, Stephen Nicholson to discuss this in more detail.

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